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The Costly Consequence of Neglecting Beer Line Safety

A caustic beer line cleaning solution, used to clean the tubing that brings beer from the keg to the pint glass, can cost restaurant owners up to eight million dollars ($8M) in compensation if the solution contaminates the beer and is ingested by a patron.

Millions of dollars lost and knowing that a patron was injured or worse in your establishment is the steep price of entrusting such a critical process as beer line cleaning to a third-party technician.

Why expose yourself to such risks when there’s a safer alternative under your direct control?

Vantage Duo is a caustic-free alternative beer line cleaning solution. This effective, safe chemical solution carries a triple zero health and safety rating, and is available today. 

Accidents Happen in Draft Beer Line Cleaning

By substituting a single product and directing your technician to ONLY use Vantage Duo when cleaning your system, you can safeguard your patrons and staff from exposure to health risks and, for restaurant proprietors, prevent a PR nightmare that can cost them their business. When beer line cleaning injuries happen, restaurant owners face a public relations disaster in the first 48 hours and litigation that can last for years.

In December 2018, at Barley’s Casino and Brewing Co. in Henderson, NV, Mr. Lon Enright, a 38-year-old special education teacher, experienced firsthand the consequences of improper beer line maintenance. Instead of a refreshing pint of beer, Enright was served a glass tainted with caustic beer line cleaning solution.

Enright suffered immediate illness, convulsions and a permanent loss of taste. In addition, he experienced continued stomach and esophageal ulcers, which increased his risk of developing cancer later in life.

Barley’s Casino and Brewing Co. acknowledged their negligence and offered a settlement of $300,000. However, recognizing the profound impact on his life, Enright rejected the offer and pressed on through the court system.

Enright was eventually awarded $8 million in compensation for the irreparable "loss of enjoyment of life," establishing a precedent for future lawsuits stemming from comparable circumstances.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the real-life consequences restaurant and bar owners face when evaluating back bar chemical usage.

Future Litigation in Accidental Beer Line Cleaning Poisoning

With the base of compensation for these types of accidents now set so high, restaurant and bar owners can face severe, life-changing consequences.

Lawsuits that result in compensation exceeding $5 million are often considered high-value cases involving significant harm, egregious conduct or substantial financial losses. Due to the large sums of money involved, these cases may involve complex legal issues, extensive evidence and may attract considerable attention from the media and the public.

While restaurant owners typically carry business insurance policies to cover general liability, workers’ compensation liability, liquor liability and food contamination, among others, there is no guarantee that the insurance will cover the entire compensation awarded to a plaintiff. The business is expected to make up the difference regardless of the net worth of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, for many restaurants, the aftermath of such an incident could easily result in permanent closure and financial ruin.

There is no insurance policy against a bad PR event. 

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself. Switch to Vantage Duo.

Little has changed in the beer line cleaning industry since the Barley’s Casino and Brewing Co. incident. In 2020, the Brewer’s Association published recommended precautions everyone should take when cleaning beer lines. These precautions included training, communication, presence, rinse verification and knowing what chemicals are used at your location.

While training and documented procedures are crucial, they cannot eliminate the potential for human error, whether from a novice technician or one with decades of experience.

History has shown that even with the best protocols in place, accidents can and will still occur. It's evident that relying solely on training, procedures and certifications is not sufficient.

Restaurant owners and operators must mitigate the risk of a technician failing to flush beer lines properly. To avoid risk, assert better control over your establishment's operations by directing that your beer lines be cleaned with Vantage Duo, a safe, caustic-free solution.

Protect yourself and your business from cleaning injuries. Insist that Vantage Duo is the only beer line cleaner your technicians use.

Contact the team at National Chemicals, Inc. with your questions about Vantage Duo, the safe, caustic-free beer line cleaning solution for restaurants and bars everywhere.


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