Say goodbye to caustic chemicals and hello to peace of mind.
Protect Your Business with Vantage Duo

Protect Your Business with Vantage Duo

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Reduce Your Risk with Vantage Duo

The modern chemistry used in Vantage Duo is a proprietary blend of safe, caustic-free cleaning solution for draft beer lines.

Boasting a triple zero health and safety rating on its safety data sheet (SDS), it will not injure service techs, staff or patrons.

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What is the difference between caustic beer line cleaning solutions and Vantage Duo?

Vantage Duo is a safe, caustic-free chemical solution used to clean draft beer lines. The absence of caustic ingredients makes this formula safer to handle than caustic chemicals, which carry risks of physical injury, chronic impairment in quality of life if consumed.

Restaurant owners and operators will see the same, or better, quality results they are used to with legacy solutions.

Why should a restaurant location purchase Vantage Duo when It’s always been the cleaning technician’s responsibility?

Beer distributors/Line cleaning technicians’ longstanding business practice of using their own chemicals allows the risk of dangerous, caustic chemicals to come into your establishment undetected.

When restaurant owners and operators purchase and mandate the chemistry in their operation, they also control their risk of liability if beer line cleaning processes are not followed correctly, and cleaner is left in the draft line.

Unless you purchase the cleaning solution yourself, you won’t know what is being put through your beer lines and potentially reaching your patrons.

Who is liable if a patron or staff member is exposed to caustic beer line cleaning solution?

The lines of liability ownership for these types of accidents have always been blurred. However, the restaurant brand is ultimately liable for any injuries caused by chemicals used in beverage line cleaning.

Regardless of legal liability, the reputation of the restaurant brand is at stake. If beer line cleaning solution is left in the draft beer lines, media coverage will put the spotlight on your location. And while other parties may be involved, such as the beer line cleaner, beer distributor or even the type of beer the solution was left in, your establishment’s name will be front and center.

What are the risks of ingesting beer that is contaminated with caustic beer line cleaner?

Caustic beer line cleaner is poison in the human body. Once a beverage contaminated with caustic chemicals is consumed, it immediately begins to burn the inside of the mouth, causing permanent damage to teeth and taste buds.

If swallowed, the burning continues down the esophagus and through the digestive tract, resulting in ulcers and an increased risk of cancer.

What should I do if I ask my beer line cleaning technician to use Vantage Duo, but they say no?

If you are struggling to find a draft beer line cleaning technician who is familiar with Vantage chemistry, reach out to National Chemicals, Inc. We’ve spent the last 70+ years developing relationships with beer line cleaners across the country, and we can recommend technicians who use our safe chemistry.

If you want to keep working with your beer line cleaning technician but they have concerns about the chemistry, have a conference call with our expert staff. We are more than happy to help get accurate information into everyone’s hands.

How long should one gallon of Vantage Duo last?

The amount of cleaner needed to properly clean a system depends on the total volume of beer the system holds. You can estimate the volume of diluted cleaner needed for most systems based on the number of tap handles and the length of the line from the faucet to the cooler.

If your system is less than 50 feet long, you will need approximately 1 gallon of diluted cleaner for every 4 lines. If your system is between 50 and 100 feet long, you will need approximately 2 gallons of diluted cleaner for every 4 lines.

If you have questions about how to calculate the amount of diluted cleaner needed, reach out to the expert team at National Chemicals, Inc.

Is it cost-effective to switch to Vantage Duo?

The most simple and effective way to look at the cost analysis of using Vantage Duo is by answering one question: Can you afford an $8M compensation payout if you are sued for a beer line cleaning accident on your premises?

If the answer is no, then switching to Vantage Duo will absolutely save you money, time and stress.

What if I try Vantage Duo and I am unsatisfied with the results?

If you are unsatisfied with the performance of Vantage Duo for any reason, contact our client success team at 1-800-533-0027, Ext. 3001, and we will provide a full refund.