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Prioritizing Safety: Navigating the Complexities of Beer Line Hygiene

While a well-crafted beer may be the star of the show, the hero behind a satisfying pint is a clean, well-maintained beer line. When it comes to beer line hygiene in bars and restaurants, consumer health and safety are at stake.

The rules governing beer line cleaning and maintenance vary from state to state, but adhering to these regulations isn't easy. Restaurant owners and operators find it challenging to maintain their beer lines properly and safely.

Investing in proper cleaning equipment and training can be a financial burden. The intricacies of beer line maintenance, which involve specialized solutions and techniques, add even more complexity. Despite these hurdles, prioritizing beer line cleanliness is critical.

Contaminated lines not only compromise the taste of the beer but also pose potential health risks to patrons, leading to foodborne illnesses and legal trouble for establishments.

This is why we created Vantage Duo.

Businesses that have their draft systems cleaned with Vantage Duo maintain impeccable cleaning standards without compromising safety.

Vantage Duo provides restaurant owners and operators peace of mind by eliminating the risks of chemical exposure from traditional beer line cleaners.

Training is not Enough - Vigilance is Necessary

Industry initiatives, such as training programs and written guidelines, help businesses understand the gravity of beer line solution safety. However, no amount of training can eliminate human error. Just one overlooked step in the beer line cleaning process can lead to critical health conditions.

While beer line cleaning is routinely handled by an outside service or beer distributor, restaurant owners and managers must be vigilant!

Regardless of culpability in the event of a safety breach, the media coverage of such an incident will result in serious damage to your business's reputation. The repercussions for your business will be devastating because, in the eyes of the public, the safety of your customers is your responsibility.




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